March Fab Feature
Julie Brooks
Heavenly Scent SoapSuds

Julie Brooks began making soaps 18 years ago. In the beginning, the soap was molded into a large loaf, then sliced into smaller individual pieces for sale. 
In addition to the soap slices, she began experimenting with different intricate soap molds. She now has over 80 different soap molds.
Of all the scents and special textures Julie has made available, the most popular by far is her milk 'n' honey fragrance with a thin exfoliate layer of oatmeal crumbs.
When she first started her business, Julie told the Lord that Heavenly Scents and SoapSuds was His business, and that she wanted to glorify Him. Each bar of soap includes her business card, which also includes a unique invitation to know Jesus Christ.
Julie says, "I sometimes feel the Lord's prompting me to take a bar or two of my soap when I run errands, like to Walmart. I always pray that He will put me in front of someone who needs to be pampered. At first, I have to admit I had my doubts as to whether it was me picking out people to share my soap or the Lord." Jesus showed her without any doubt that He was the One leading her.   
Julie quickly learned to take the Lord's prompting seriously. She says, "When He says give, I give! To date, I've made about 10,000 bars of soap over the 18 years; about half given away for free at the Lord's prompting."
This is a feature that is heart warming, authentic, and truly inspired by Jesus. You'll be touched as you listen to Julie Brooks share a few of her personal, and often random acts of kindness that are led by the One who loves each of us most. His name is Jesus.